Not only are the cocktails perfectly executed and hand crafted with a loving balance, there are too many pages to choose from (and all a little too easy on the way down, I might add – er warn). The ‘Southern Exposure’ lives up to its reputation, although I highly suggest the Gilded Lily  - if only to brag later that you drank gold. The combination of gin and flower water is smooth and not overly sweet. Something even the discerning bourbon drinker could enjoy…..Speaking of,  they have Hudson which is hard to come by on a bar menu.

I don’t even know where to begin with the food. I wanted it all and the assortment of bites and sharable plates will throw your cholesterol into the next neighborhood. Picked Quail Eggs, Shishito Peppers, pork belly sliders, and If you’re not afraid… the bone marrow is a must, probably the most decadent tasting morsel of my lifetime.

All told, I don’t think the cocktails or food are too expensive. You’re paying for quality after all, and that’s all you can get here.

Nicely played Alembic, nicely played.