Located downtown on a very quiet block (thinking I was on the wrong street, literally Google mapped the address while standing two feet from the entrance), The Must is the newest addition to the LA wine bar scene. Not only is their rotation of VHS movies playing above the bar note worthy, so is their eclectic sound track (note: space balls and Wizard of Oz never looked so good with a little Kanye West or Black Flag). Let’s just say this is not your place for quiet back corner romance and conversations.

Gastropub-esque in its menu options, favorites include: Buffalo Shrimp and Grits, Tatter Tots with a wine/cheese fondue sauce, lemon zest olives, and portabella sliders. If wine is not your speed, there is a well-edited selection of micro brews on draft and a splattering of specialty drinks – including Black Sangria, which is made out of blue/black berries and port.

Be sure to come early for the happy hour special between 4:00-7:00 – most wines are half off and there is a good selection of cheap eats. Hey, they even have a game night on Sundays!

The Must? The Mandatory!

**Sad update: The Must has closed.