There are two guaranteed things in this world that make me giggle: tacos and luchadores. One is the most perfect easy tasty food. The other is wearing florescent spandex. Instant happy!

As a die hard Santanas fan (San Deigo, you locals know) and a lover of food that comes out of trucks in general… I was never really interested in searching out anything better. Then I came across the website for Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop. One Page, no photos… somehow I was curious. How are you going to fancify the taco to gourmet status? How could this possibly be good? Most highbrown attempts to upscale the street food in Los Angeles is just pathetic. There is just no need! Sounds like a challenge, in fact…they were taunting me with a “Taco Smack down”.  Sounds like a Máscara contra Cabellera to me. (thank you wiki)

Located in Mission Hills, over looking the airport; Not only is this place tacky to the gills (in the best possible Buca Di Beppo meets Tijuana discotheque way). The tacos were really exceptional. 4x more expensive than the legitimate street variety, but I will excuse this for two reasons: they are indeed fancy and they are as big as my head.

I’ll recommend the lettuce wrapped chicken tacos with pickled onions and a sweet (dare I say mustard) glaze. Grilled fish tacos with the perfect amount of blackening. The Surf n Turf was surprising with large grilled shrimp and drenched in a delicious chipotle “secret sauce”.

Speaking of sauce, The salsa bar is fresh and unique – spicy melon, creamy avocado, and my favorite which tends to be missing from most taco shops – the spicy onion and carrot mix. The only tap out happening here is from an absolutely satisfied and completely full belly.

If for some reason you need to go another round: Cart Dogs wrapped in all their bacon glory can be added on the side for only $1.50. You don’t have to be on a bar sidewalk at 3am to enjoy this little gem. Viva la salchicha!

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