Open Since 1876, Victor Churchill Butchery in Sydney Australia is showcasing quality meats in a divine space like it was a Louis Vuitton Showroom. Design highlights include brick walls made from hand carved salt rock as well as solid copper sausage cabinet hardware which were cast from their own inventory. I appreciate taking an old world trade and giving it the attention to detail and class that it deserves. This is like the Savile Row of meat!

If you’re unable to jump a jet for your lamb roast this evening, I must highly suggest McCall’s Meat & Fish Co. located in Los Feliz. In addition to a vast selection of wild caught and free range goodness, feel free to get adventurous and take home some bone marrow or sweat breads. There is nothing but tasty quality coming out of this place, such a great addition to the neighborhood. Just a warning: they are no long open on Sundays.