Unmarked and on a quiet street just off downtown’s Little Tokyo hub, The Lazy Ox Canteen is hiding some serious goodness behind their wooden door. On a whim and with hopes that the rain would prevent a long wait, we were able to snag a corner seat at the bar. Greeted with an impressive wine list and and an even more impressive list of specials – per usual our eyes were larger than our belly.

Crispy pig ear with a tart horseradish dipping sauce and homemade pickles. Lamb Cheeks so tender you want to ask for another helping. Grilled Octopus on top of spicy greens and citrus fruits. Brick roasted muscles with a spicy house sriracha. There is a definite yin and yang to all these dishes – muscles are spicy, but the french feta clams it down. There is always an element of powerful herb or acid on the plate which perfectly compliments the main event.

On the way out a gentleman shook his finger and advised that people turn around. Much to his dissatisfaction “There’s too much flavor going on in all their food”!

I couldn’t possibly agree more. And it’s not the least bit of a bad thing.

Honestly, it doesn’t get better than this. Bravo Lazy Ox! Bravo!