I’ve found that over the years cheating in the kitchen is okay. It took me a long time to come to grips with this concept, but when you’re like me and you want to add an entire head of garlic and not just 3 cloves…there’s a lot of work involved when it it comes to prepping. Here are my top 4 supper heroes.

1. Lemon Squeezer: Save money and buy this bad boy at Target. No need for anything fancy, just want to squish the life out of that pucker.

2. Garlic Peeler: I loath peeling garlic. You could make super glue out of those skins! Put a clove into this rubber tube, smash and roll and you’re off to the skillet in no time.

3. Mini-Cuisinart: I love the big daddy, but like I said, I go through A LOT of garlic. This 4 cup little dude is perfect for chopping small portions for your stir fry. I’ve also been known to make some mean Chipotle and Salasa Verde in this little master.

4. The Flavour Shaker: Oh Jamie Oliver…swoon. I’d love anything you mass produced, but this little funny duddy really does wonders. Add your Olive Oil, herbs, spices then shake like you’re on the front line of the conga and you’ve got some seriously flavorful marinades. Also good when making salad dressing.

What gadget is your favorite sous chef?