I feel like the Cobra Snake behind the culinary camera. My photos (when I look at the end of the night) are like many of his subjects: over lit, sedated… and just plain ready for bed. MAYBE even a little bit fabulous?

Maybe not.

We all know that food photography is an absolute art – for us folk who have no shame snapping our prized plates out on the town or at home; we are all just sitting proud to display what will later just be in our bellies…..

If this sounds all to familiar (or intriguing) please head straight to Snappetite. A website that social networks the muck out of every dish we eat….right down to those photos equivalent to the likes of who portray themselves self-portrait style in a dimly lit mirror (you know who you are..my/face)( ie: please no more food photos of peas).

We are shameless people, really. I must admit, it’s definitely fun to see what people are eating around the world. There is a sneaky satisfaction when spying on dishes we may or may not want to partake in.

Go join the community and share your own goods… or just be a foodie lookie loo. While you’re at it, let us know of your food profile and keep tabs on our own trials and triumphs … we’ll keep tabs on you too, pinky swear!

PS: the founder is also of Streetpeeper, which we all know you Pretty Gritty peeps love….so…just sayin…

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