Oh Napa. Let me count the ways… I’m pretty sure I announced my early (VERY early) retirement throughout my weekend with you…you devilish land of grand. I promise not to smooch too much all over you with my recap, but darlings….this trip was tasty.

Round one: Ubuntu. Located in downtown Napa near the river; a part of town full of gentrification promises. Where things such as Michelin Stars might get you all in a bend, let me first point out that this is also an all vegetarian dining experience. I say experience lightly, life changing might be more apropos – and this is a meat eater talking.

Never has the power of the micro green been so boisterous. Curious and tiny…plate after plate you made yourself heard. Well done mighty tasty youngins! Layers or flavor and texture, a dish complexity that was honest and no where near pretentious. Be prepared for small plate style. Next time I’m bringing more people so I can do the complete menu tasting – surely not to disappoint. Check out the damage below:

Clear Cantaloupe and Sage Gazpacho: I can’t even begin to explain how amazingly awesome this meal was: ‘rat tail’ radish, fork crushed avocado, ‘banana’ mint.

Young Potatoes with Cucumbers, roasted/raw/emulsion/ash: Mexican Gherkins, edible succulents…..I die.

Heirloom Tomatoes and Pacaccio Eggplant puree, Herb Froth: More Micro Greens, salty froth….lots and ooh’s and ahhh’s to follow…..

Wine: Blackbird Arriviste. “Inspired by “les gitanes,” the gypsies of St. Emilion”….no kidding. Those gypsies coxed me into 2 glasses at lunch and a compulsive online search to find any remaining bottles that might still be out there. I’m still looking for you sweet rose water…

All Photos The Cuisinerd.

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