Unfortunately, Angèle, you were the following act to Ubuntu. Which is a very hard act to follow. That being said, you were a might tasty meal. Fine fresh French cuisine, lovely outdoor seating on the river, all around enjoyable. Without beating around the bush I just have three things to say:

(1) Mr. Suckling Pig – you are devilishly tasty. Only on vacation do we bend our food rules and enjoy every bite of crispy skins and fat, or endulge in that noon-time carafe or rosè for that matter (Hey, this is Napa people!). The fried green tomatoes were an old welcomed friend that I miss seeing on menus from time to time.

(2) What in the heck is up with your “Bloody Mary Soda”? I finally understand you, Top Chef judges. What is this need to accompany a dandy plate with a signature drink/shooter. Unnecessary and in this case just weird. If I wanted the essence of bloody mary with my heirloom salad, I would have ordered one (They actually looked pretty darn good at the table next to us). When a diner is faced with confusion and not sure if they should shoot the salt water or use it as a dressing – all signs point to “take it off the menu”.

(3) Holy amazing Patè. We’re talking good ol’ chunky country style. We’re also talking the best pickled beat salad we’ve ever had. Watermelon radishes, gherkins and radish greens – yum. This entire dish did a happy dance in my mouth.

Over all Angèle is worth a lunch stop if you happen to be in town.

Here’s the full belly rundown:

“Petit Salé” Crispy Skinned Suckling Pig “BLT”, Fried Green Tomatoes, Green Peppercorn Sauce

“Salade de Tomates” Local Heirloom Tomato Salad, Belle Fiore Burrata, Plums, “Bloody Mary” Soda

“Pâtés de Campagne” Country Patés, Pickled Vegetables, Whole Grain Mustard, Croutons, Cornichons

All Photos The Cuisinerd

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