We had our fair share of wine tasting on this trip, so it was a nice change of pace to switch over to Olive Oil.

St. Helena Olive Oil Company is a must. With tastings going on all day…for free…it’s worth pulling over. Spicy oils, truffle oils, citrus infused oils…take a breather and try our mustards or honey. Lovely open breezy space that you can easily get lost browsing through. They even ship your goods home for free if you spend $100.

What we snagged:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Lemon

Balsalmic Vinegar: Dimodena Methode Tradizionale

Green Olive Tapenade

Pesto Alla Genovese

Branches Citrus Blossom Honey

On a very quite residential side street off St. Helena main drag, is a run down white barn surrounded by beat up picnic tables and broken vending machines. If we weren’t specifically told to visit The Napa Valley Olive Oil MFG, we would have never thought it was even open to the public. I’ll be honest here, the place looked like a dump – but inside it was filled to the brim with amazing cheeses, meats, olives and every kind of oil you could imagine… in glass jugs that look like moonshine.

It was overwhelming. It was amazing! Our only regret was not visiting earlier to pick up snacks for wine tasting and not being able to bring back a gallon of oil in our carry on. No, they do not ship. No, they do not have a website. Trust me on this one, this is the real deal and get over there already! Next time we drive up we’re filling the trunk.

What we snagged and literally smuggled in our luggage wrapped in 5 zip lock bags - praying for no leaks:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(No leaks!)