Have you ever wished there was a restaurant with guest chefs on permanent rotation? I did. Years ago I bounced around the idea of a kitchen lab with friends where chefs from around the world would spend an evening or two showcasing their specialties. They said it would never work.  No one buys “tickets” to eat a meal…this isn’t like filling up a theater.

Well ha ha ha…. what do you call the Test Kitchen then!? Eh??

The concept is brilliant. Basically chefs come through to experiment with a menu for future restaurant projects and are paired with an accomplished mixologist to bring a well rounded tasting experience to life. So basically you will eat and drink well. Real well.

This past Monday we finally made a visit and had a magical adventure with Chef Joshua Smith (Church and State) and mixologist Davidson Fernie (The Library Bar).  Everything was exquisite. Mackerel paired with walnut paste and pomegranate; coffee drenched figs and yogurt cakes. The drinks were no follow up act – Endive to compliment the Cynar; Jalapeno to spice up the muddled berries.

Sigh and Yum. I’m officially overindulged. I guess it’s nothing but salads for me the rest of this week….

The dynamic duo of the night:

Grilled Octopus with Pardon Peppers – Fried little peppers that reminded me of Okra, thick green chili paste and chunks of beefy avocado. I want to know how to get my Octopus that tender. Do you boil it before grilling, or not? Someone tell me please.

Shishito Gimlet – Aviation Gin with a chili pepper tartness. You know I can’t say no to Shishito.

Thank you for a lovely evening fellas, we’ll be back!

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