I’ve had a crush on these guys for a while. Heard about them cruising around Los Angeles and never got to take a bite – next thing you know, they are on TV…daaang kids! Luckily today while running around town I caught glimpse of their magical beast of a truck and we dove in (The Mister might say that I squealed and demanded the car get parked immediately. All fine, possibly accurate…but he’s a fan too).

What you’ve heard is true; these guys aren’t like any other food truck in Los Angeles. It’s an experience. It’s humor. It’s Metal lovin’ D&D with magical wizards levitating burgs. Yeah, they’ve got merch. They’ve also not let a single moment in the lime light get in the way of serving great food. To my own experience they are the most professional, spot on, quick to deliver truck out there – kind as punch and offering up extra napkins. Yeah, I know…swoon.

*Note above order window: We Need Singles…and Single Ladies”. Um, Kind of amazing you guys.

Well hello Hell-O-Ween Special: Seared Pumpkin/Sage Polenta cake, black truffle emulsion & fried spinach. AKA: One massive gut buster of love.

I’ll find you again Grill Em All…and I’m looking forward to every tummy twitch to follow.