Oh Swedes… you are so very, very clever! Your sense of design is always top notch. Well played, indeed.

Bridging the gap between your purchased kitchen appliances and how we should enjoy them at home, IKEA has released the book Hembakat är Bäst (translation: “Homemade is Best”), featuring 30 classic Swedish baking recipes. Each page is stunningly styled and photographed with a nod to Japanese minimalism. Ingredients never looked so structured. Or so important. Or just plain gorgeous!

If you’re the type of person who thinks about the number of minutes on the treadmill it will take to cancel out that piece of Klenäter or bite of Schwarzwaldtårta – fear no more! There is also an app available that will structure an exercise program to burn off each treat you bake. Choose the cake you want to eat, select if you prefer to walk, jog or bike and off you go! Talk about delicious motivation.

App Available for download here for those who speak Swedish