There is no denying that Latin culture is alive and dancing here in Los Angeles. With a wide selection of taco trucks, pupusarias, corner street fruit vendors and piñatas in the park, this is a city that welcomes a fiesta with open arms. In celebration of the upcoming Dia De Los Muertos, we’ve put together a classic Hispanic menu with a twist. It’s time for an evening picnic… Vamanos!

I got a great tip from my local butcher who suggested I easily confit the duck rather than braise the bird. Solid advise which lead to some bits being extra crispy and the meat ready to absorb those spicy chipotle peppers and adobo sauce. Hola Yum-town! By adding in some boiled sweet potatoes the spice is mellowed and these little duck torpedoes are extra creamy, ready to roll up and steam for 45 minutes.

The key to proper picnicking is to not forget all the tiny details upon your arrival destination: Toasted Pepitas, Cotija cheese, chopped cilantro and cucumber discs for the drinks. Never has proper travelwear been a better amigo. Why neglect your guests and serve a sloppy mess? Then again, OCD (obsessive container disorder) is obviously getting the best of me and this meal! Let’s get on the road friends…

I’ll be honest, all that work consolidated into so few containers was a bit shocking. However the fruits of our labor were well worth the extra steps and made for the best picnic we’ve ever tasted.

Tamales are the perfect meal for on-the-go…They have their own carrying case after all. While assembling plates by candlelight can be a little tricky, this meal came together beautifully. A fiesta would be no fun without a little flair, snap a party table settings were the perfect outdoor kit. Yes, toothpick included.

Picnics don’t have to be hot dogs and hamburgers. Celebrate your hometown flair by boxing up something special. For me, Los Angeles is about spice, freshness and a whole lot of traffic. So while transporting a meal in this city, be sure it serves well after passing a few fender benders and broken traffic lights. Our menu was planned with transportation in mind. We chose flavors that intensify with time and brought along final touches which balanced the plate visually and served up some serious belly satisfaction.

I don’t know about you, but I’m full and in serious need of a siesta. Olé indeed.