The first time I visited Swan Oyster Depot it was raining. Horizontally.

If you haven’t been, the space is small (approximately 12 stools) and you will spend some good time outside in the elements before even being able to huddle in the warmth of the doorway. The gentleman in front of me insisted it was worth the wait (the hour and a half wait)….And you know what…he was right.

I’ve since returned, standing in line some days dryer than others, always leaving completely satisfied. Satisfaction that I endured the wait and was rewarded with savoring every single bite inside.

The oysters are fresh and around $2/ea, the clam chowder is silky and the Anchorsteam perfectly chilled. Feel free to order from off the menu….the smoked salmon and variety of fresh catch sashimi is worth inquiring about.  I highly suggest the raw scallops.

Perhaps best of all, is the entertainment behind the fish bar. Family members working side by side poking jokes, recapping sporting drafts, hanging up on lost tourist’s phone calls and razzing the customers. It feels like a place you’ve been going to for years even if it’s your first time. Most people sitting beside you have been coming forever and it feels good to be in on the club.

If you’re lucky enough you might even get a complimentary house tequila straight out of the old wooden barrels lining the ceiling. If not, you’ll always leave with a belly completely satisfied and a Swan sponge to clean your kitchen with.

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