I have professed my love for this green magical beast many a time over. This is not just any Salad, I’m talking about “THE Salad” from Los Angeles’ Vegan paradise Cafe Flore. Taking matters into my own hands, I have dissected this unicorn and successfully have made it at home (which is saying a lot coming from a non-apologetic meat eater). Behold the best combination of soy and greens to enter this world!

Ode to The Salad:

·Mixed Greens

·Baked Tofu (sprinkle with soy sauce and bake until golden)

·Cooked beets


·Spicy pepper hummus

·Shredded carrots

·Micro Greens

·Edamame (mixed with rice vinegar, red onion, red bell pepper & dill – better if mix sits over night)

·Heirloom Tomatoes

***I should note that the original salad also comes with a heaping scoop of vegan egg salad. I will be the first to tell you I dislike the real egg salads of this world and now after having the soy alternative will never ever turn back (again, bacon lover here!). If someone has a killer recipe for their own vegan eggy salad I am open to suggestion – Send them over and let me know what your favorite salad is….