Oh Twinkies. You mysterious little boats of who knows what you’re filled with. As a child I wanted to dance upon your spongy planet and figure out why you were so misunderstood. Why the parents refused to let you come over and play. To know if you even tasted like…anything, really. Alas, we were never to meet…UNTIL NOW! Taking a spin on the controversial lunch box “classic” – The CuisiLab has ventured to create pumpkin Twinx filled with spiced rum frosting.

Saucy sponge cake…what could be better?! Let’s get baking.

First off I’d like to know why there is a universal fear of making homemade pumpkin puree. I too, recall pumpkin pies that looked more like pumpkin soup and ever since the canned version took over as the household default. Discovery! It could not be easier. Cut pumpkin in half, deseed and bake in the oven for 45-50 minutes until tender. Remove skins and throw into a food processor…you’re done. No really, that is it. I’m never going back to can again.

The key to achieving the ultimate fluff of all fluffage is to separate out the ingredients for the sponge cake. In one bowl mix egg yolks with half the sugar, flour, pumpkin and spices. In a separate bowl whip together egg whites until foamy, slowly adding in the remaining sugar until frosty peaks form. Fold both mixes together and you’re ready to pan.

No Twinx pan in your cupboard? No worries! You can easily acquire one here, or channel your inner MacGyver and create molds by using only a sheet of foil and a small spice container (Click here to see a quick 4 step tutorial in Twinx Mold Making). Fill up those tasty canoes half way with batter and it’s time to send them to the oven. Baking at 375°F, you’ve got 20 minutes to download the new FoodSpotting App and start on your fillingfrost (That’s the ol’ frosting/filling one two punch  – and it’s delicious).

Frosting is one of life’s great simple pleasures. Especially for those of us who enjoy throwing things into a bowl and mixing away. No really, I could sauté for hours…it’s like therapy after a long day of work. Mix up your ingredients and allow Twinx to cool to room temperature before filling. With your laser beam frosting injector, or a pastry bag with long narrow decorating tip, insert half way into bottom of cake and squeeze small amounts of filling at three points. Add a little decorative flair on top, and it’s officially Twinx Time!

I’ll be the first to admit that I choose the cheese plate over the chocolate surprise any day of the week. I’m a Savorytooth tiger, after all. I must say these pumpkin spice Twinx have opened my eyes and changed my  cravings. Think of the fillings! Think of the cake combos! Chocolate barges filled with vanilla bean fluff? Rosemary ships stuffed with Lavender Cream?! My head is spinning with the inevitable sugar crash ahead.

All these years of Twinkie deprivation may now turn into an eater expedition to clear their dark past of being a misunderstood, jet fuel filled, immortal terror. In the name of homemade, I’m sailing off in my pumpkin pontoon of tastiness. Until next time…Bon Voyage!

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