Wait, Wait, WAIT! Before the CuisiMom gets on the line asking what on earth kind of trouble I got myself into in Australia…I promise, the name of this place is much racier than it sounds. Promise.

Naked For Satan is a Pintxos (Basque style bar snacks) establishment based on the urban myth/ legend Leon Satanovich, who immigrated to Australia during the great depression from Russia. Having a reputation of making Vodka in his undies combined with the difficulty locals had pronouncing his name; When pubs closed shop on Sundays Satanovich always had affordable spirits to offer. The name of this restaurant is based on the secret code phrase used when locals were looking to wet their whistle. Scandalous!

With 50 cent Pintxos from 12-4:00 during the weekdays, there is absolutely no question this is the best happy hour in town. Simply pony up to the bar, pick whichever eats you’d like, order yourself one of their amazing wines and save your toothpicks for checkout. Each toothpick = cost per Pintxos. Easy and at 50 cents a pop you will be ready to try everything.

Afternoon stand outs included chorizo sausages, carrot purée with caviar and the house Tinto de Verano, the Basque alterative to Sangria.  Which is beyond refreshing on a hot day… and boy was it a hot one.

The interior is large, split level and fashioned with copper boilers, hand crafted light fixtures as well as walls  plastered with 1950s pinups. There are large windows and bar top tables where additional hot items are passed from the kitchen. Conversations are happy, loud and today with the happiest of hours coming to a close everyone is  trying to collect their last toothpicks in time to check out and head back onto Brunswick Street for some shopping.

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