I’ve professed my love for this doughnut hut before (over this way). When I did, friends and actual  real life Footscray residents, were confused how/why I even knew about this train track shanty. Truth be told, I discovered a lovely photo essay by Jaime Murcia and  instantly fell in love with doughnut maker and owner Niko Tsiligiris.

Side note: My heart is crushed. Upon my visit, Niko was told that I’d come “allllllll the way from America to taste his delicious doughnuts!” That I was “beyond excited to be here and meet him.” Needless to say… all I received were blank eyes and a very sweet, yet apathetic, shrug.

I suppose he’s become a celebrity after all and yet… I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE!

An institution for over 30 years…this establishment has seen quite the span of gentrification. With a new and improved Footscray Station surrounding this doughnut heaven, the surroundings are quite different from earlier days and yet the service nor product hasn’t changed a bit. Niko is just an honest man, passionate about fried dough, standing his ground and continuing business as usual. God Bless you!

Regardless of being “rejected”… I must put this out straight away. I’m not exaggerating,  The Olympic Doughnut is a beautifully fried puff filled with raspberry  jam and rolled in raw sugar …it  is the best doughnut I’ve ever had in my life. No really.

Upon departure, perhaps Niko’s own gesture of love, we were sent away with an extra fluffy sweet doughnut for free…could it be!? I was not completely rejected after all!  xo

Please click here for a lovely narration from the owner himself along with Murcia’s beautiful documentation.

If you know and love, or are ready to know and love, these magical puffs – there’s a fan club to join over HERE.

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