(1)   Kitchen Drawer Kit Tool Kit by Wild & Wolf (2) The Seven Year Pen in “Yum”

(3) Delegate Lists @ See Jane Work

I don’t know about you – but the New Year flags some serious spring cleaning around Casa De Cuisinerd. Living in a 1940′s bungalow makes space-saving a creative endeavor. My biggest nemesis is the “junk drawer” in the kitchen. Some how, without fail, it always becomes stuffed with receipts, re-usable shopping bags, pens running out of ink and basically nothing useful for the space it’s in. In the name of kitchen resolutions – I’ve picked out 3 kitchen drawer enhancers that just might get anyone into organized shape.

My major hall of fame award goes to The Seven Year Pen designed by Eco Conscious design firm Seltzer, who is looking to limit the 100 million pens ending up in the trash each year. Every Seven Year Pen hides a massive ink cartridge which claims to have the stamina to scribble over 6 feet a day for seven years and not run out of ink. Quite the promise for quite the adorable pen!

Check out the other 11 candy colored options fashioned with skulls, mustaches and pretty much any design you will enjoy for that long length of writing. I suppose it’s time to make some more to-do lists!