Located on the first floor of The Curtain House on Swanston Street in Melbourne’s Central Business District, Cookie greets you with a handsome wood bar, doily covered tables with mismatched china and a loud volume of conversation. Business men in suits huddle around table top bars with tall craft beers (over 85 to choose from), groups of giddy stylish girls huddle around exotic cocktails in vintage glassware. The space and the the people hanging out in it are all kinds of gorgeous.

The menu is large and plates are meant to be shared. Unlike Thai food common in my Los Angeles neighborhood, these dishes were much lighter and had a different, yet more intense pepper heat where pain passed quickly and leaves you with an amazing taste rather than a lingering burn.

Favorites included cabbage rolls filled with shitake mushrooms & bean curd and the crispy fish salad with green mango & pickled crab. The curry was delicious and fried prawns made a significant appearance on the menu, as we’ve seen in most places along our visit. Everything was delicious and this is definitely the type of restaurant you would want to come to with great frequency to catch up with friends after work.

In the mood for some after dinner entertainment? Climb an extra few flights in this historical building and visit the dapper The Toff in Town bar , whih is designed as if you boarded a turn of the century luxury locomotive, or head up to the very top and catch a stunning view of the city and an outdoor summer movie at The Roof Top Cinema. If you’re lucky Beat Box Kitchen, whom I’ve admired in the past, will have their pop up eatery open and ready to serve up some late night snacks.

Now that is one building and a full evening of multi-level entertainment! An absolute must if you’re in town.

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