For me, beach clubs conjure up summertime memories of watching Saved By The Bell and those few special seasonal episodes located on Malibu Beach (Okay, I just aged myself there…). Having never been a member of such an establishment, I made sure to carve out time for a specific adventure to Icebergs Beach Club upon our quick visit to Sydney. What happens here? Will the food be over garnished with parsley? Is champagne free flowing and… wait, will they even let us in?! Relief!!! None of the above, my friends!

Located at one of the world’s most famous surfing destinations, Bondi Beach, luxury meets backpacker here in a rock lined magical cove. It is absolutely stunning and  I can see why someone might pay extra for a plate of fish & chips just admire the scene.

Upon entering, the patrons and environment were not as pretentious as anticipated. In fact, it was all kinds of casual. Large TVs played the cricket match, families and friends crammed around  small bar top tables and as expected, people were enjoying champagne and prawns on a balcony over looking the ocean and swimming pool below (and when I say “swimming pool” I mean an Olympic sized beaut built in 1930s nestled in a rocky cliff… Stunning doesn’t actually quite cover it).

The giant prawns and steamed muscles were perfect. In fact, I’ve not had anything but amazing when it comes to seafood in Australia – top notch people…top notch! The wine selection was lovely, focusing mainly on the Hunter and Yarra Valleys. I can see why travelers and locals alike enjoy this place: the view, the easy food… simple luxury wrapped up in a casual meeting spot. It is easy to spend a few hours here – especially after taking a walk around the beach  on many of the beach side nature walking trails. If you find yourself in Sydney, this spot is definitely worth the 15 minute train ride east.

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