Whether you’re running errands, hugging friends or just getting the last bits of work done…there comes a time during the weekend when everyone needs a break. Forget happy hour, this is a much needed “my feets are tired” or “just need a rest’tail“… No really, I need a time-out please.

Fear not, for no matter what side of the city you end up on there’s a sweet piece of relief waiting for you.

BAR COVELL: Hands down the most unpretentious wine experience in town. The space is stacked with vintage books, laboratory glassware, dead stock folding cameras and one handsome mustard colored Indian motorbike. Bartenders are knowledgeable and are able to suggest flavor profiles beyond the nightly menu. Snack attack? A charcuterie plate is offered as well as a chose your own Cheese & Mac. Whether or not you know the difference between a Côtes du Rhône or a Napa Valley Cabernet, you will enjoy your break with a new appreciation for an old classic or a new favorite in your glass.

INTELLIGENTSIA, PASADENA CAFÉ: What started as a coffee phenomenon on the east side turned into something much more aromatic. With locations in Silver Lake and Venice, Intelligentsia has opened a Pasadena location featuring a daily eats menu curated by Heirloom LA and a hand crafted beer/wine list selected by Bar Covell’s Matthew Kaner. It’s safe to say that this is the sure fire location for tasty bites and a post run-around-town elixir.

LAUREL TAVERN: If you find yourself mid-way through the valley of hunger and thirst, The Tavern is your best bet for quenching all that ales you. Bacon blue cheese burgers, grilled artichoke drenched in balsamic and artisanal brews on tap that will reset your clock like no other. If attending in the afternoon be sure to grab an outdoor bench and watch all the glory that is Ventura Blvd. Decompress, re-assess…onward….

BIG BAR AT ALCOVE: A neighborhood staple with a newly opened twist – a favorite lunch spot on the east side now has a fully stocked party side show. Offering hand crafted cocktails, this craftsman turned speak easy is the spot for one to lift their spirits whether it be inside at the marble bar or on the the lovely tree filled patio.

WURSTKÜCHE: Tired of you the usual sausage-filled beer gardens? Yeah, me too. Hidden in Downtown, this little German Frank Haus offers exotic meats (alligator, rabbit, rattle snake!!!) in addition to unlikely gourmet options (Mango Jalapeno, Filipino Marharlika). Brews of the Belgium and German variety flow freely down rows of wooden picnic tables. In the mood for something a little more refined? Truffle oil dipping sauces accompanied by a chilled white or rosé should ease you in to relaxation just fine.

Be it heavy shopping bags, a heavy day of free weights, or a day of down right heavy conversation… Break O’clock is something we all have to schedule in.  Feel free to reset with a libation and snack, you’ll be back on course in a snap.