Let it be known: I am no fan of this master cleanse nonsense.  Lemon and cayenne pepper?! Ten days!? Yuck. No thank you. I do, however,  feel the need to change a few things about my diet post holiday. You know, put down that eggnog (read: booze) and maybe lift up a free weight (or an IKEA catalog) or two. Whatever works the sweat out of you…I’m not judging here. At the beginning of each year we’re all on a quest for change in fitness and looking to make healthy living a little more appealing.

Whether we like it, or not.

Having a personal track record and love of gold shiny things, how could anyone resist a smoothie in the morning with this number!? Whoa! Hello there Royal Dutchess of all juicers! Please make yourself comfortable on my kitchen counter… forever.

Welcome 2011 – Wheat grass just got a whole lot sexier.

24k Gold Plated Easy Health Angel Juicer (for those luxurious detox days): $4781

Gold Martini Strainer (for those retox days):$24