Dearest Los Angeles,

Listen up! Let’s not be shy, I no longer want to keep my feelings in the dark. I’m ready to come out and share how I really feel…I love you!! No really, it’s true. You are beautiful and delicious. You are much more intelligent than your rumored skanky reputation which has been spread around this country…and globe, for that matter. You have class, you have charisma, you have history and you have some serious business happening over on The Eastside… Some seriously tasty business (That is if someone knows the best parts to explore).

This past weekend marked the first annual Food Prom of East Los Angeles and all the hometown heroes were representing. Taste of The Eastside featured over 20 of the neighborhood’s finest food and beverage provayers up top the green gusty knolls of Barsdall Art Park. What could be sweeter than sipping rose with a 360 breezy hill-top view of the city and clear sights allllllll the way to the ocean (Fine. It rained the night before, but it was an amazingly rare clear sky for us Angelenos – let us rejoice)!! With a fist full of tickets, I attacked this party one amazing bite at a time.

Here are the stand outs of the day:

(1) Large Marge Sustainables: Breakfast In A Bite — one to keep an eye on. I was hooked once I tasted their empanadas with mint cilantro yogurt chutney at their Cafecito Organico pop-up. They even just finished catering the Los Angeles season of Food Revolution. Wait, amazing food and standing so close to Jamie!? Swoon! Ack! Jealous.

(2) Xaoia Eats: I know, It’s no secret I love tacos. This number is something special, something I’ve never had before. It’s like a high five between the classic Vietnamese soup and a tortilla. It’s basically awesome. Ask for it with everything, it’s spicy with a extra special zest of fresh ground cinnamon and star anise. Win!

(3) Little Dom’s: Grilled Oysters — Don’t even get me started on their breakfast pizza, I die. Recently their grilled oysters sped up to the front of the line with their smoke and spice. AHHH-MAZING flavor. No seriously, A dozen…stat. I can get there in five.

(4) Elf Cafe: Mushroom Ceviche — the combination of pineapple and wild mushrooms and grilled veg…I’m officially hooked. I’m a huge fan of this restaurant, but have been seduced back for more.

(5) Huarache Azteca Restaurante: Four words – Almond Mole. Go Now.