Summer vacation…I miss you. Granted it’s been years since I’ve frolicked in that senseless feeling of three months off from school, but seriously…we all need a break. Can we just hang out in your late afternoon sunshine and enjoy each other’s company? Maybe do some grilling and share a trashy magazine or three….forever. Pleeeaaase!?

With each day getting longer, I have a more furious flash dance inside me which screams “BACK YARD PARTY AT MY PLACE, YA’LLL!!!!” In the name of summer theme songs, here are a few bits and bops I’m currently loving and a few items I want in the the yard this very minute (preferably for us all to enjoy mid-day or mid-week when we should be at work. AKA: playing hooky. Shhhhh…I kid, rebels).

It’s summer!! Who’s coming over? The grill is hot, the menu will not disappoint…and hey, you best be sure to bring over a piñata. Wooop!

Featured: Redwood & Aluminum Outdoor Table Set by Los Angeles based Scout Regalia

(1) Weber® Smokey Joe Grill (2) Blush Nos Da Blanket (3) Pig Flipper Grill Tool Set (4) McClure’s Pickles, Relish and Mustard (5) Melamine Serving Set (6) Normann Copenhagen Cork Bottle Opener (7) ** Stumptown Cold Brewed Coffee Stubbies (8)  Zak Designs Confetti Recycled Dinner Plates

**I’m especially craving these Stumptown cold brewed coffee stubbies. Which apparently are still only available in Portland Cafés. Nooooo! Will someone please send over a case at your earliest convenience?! No seriously. This is seriously good stuff.