Sometimes a lady gets a certain urge. Sometimes that urge is to buy an 82 qt Bayou Stock Pot (Oh the dangers of late night internet shopping). And yes, while I could have gone with a more petite 24 qt variety, this stainless steel mamma-jamma was calling my name. It is severely impressive! A thing of beauty that would require 30+ hungry people, perhaps even a paddle to stir up jambalaya with…and I think I might be able to sit in it for goodness sakes. Which I actually did as soon as that behemoth arrived on my doorstep. I also did one crazy happy dance right before the reality check of “what in the heck are we going to cook this massive thing on?!” set in. Oh right, minor details… Yikes.

Luckily I live next door to the world’s coolest neighbor who also happens to have an outdoor fire-powered grill pit. Lobster for EVERYONE!!

Having never done a boil of this size, I’m going to call it an educational experience. Bringing home 15 live lobsters seems like an exciting adventure until you realize you have no place to store them. They are beautiful creatures, until one of them slips out of their rubber band restraints… and these bubbas were not pleased to be plucked from their tank. That being said, we wrangled them into the fridge and tucked them in for a little pre-boil power nap.

**We based our recipe off of Bon Appetite’s One Pot Clambake & chile-thyme spice mix **

Interesting Fact #1: Did you know that eggs are perfect lobster timers? Add eggs into the pot at the same time as the lobster and you’ll know when they have steamed long enough once the eggs are hard boiled. Brilliant!

Interesting fact #2: For some odd reason it costs less to buy more lobster bibs then you could ever use. Rather than ordering the 30 count that I actually needed, for $20 LESS I scored a mere 500 bibs. Yes, I thought that was some crazy math too.

The day was a success! The food was delicious and nothing beats entertaining great friends while wearing plastic bibs and eating with your hands.

Give people a few crustacean props, set up a remote control camera and you’ll be amazed by the entertainment that ensues.  I’m already looking forward to Lobster Boil 2012…who’s coming for dinner?

I think I only have about 450 bibs left over…