I took this photo mid-way through 5 lbs of granny smiths and an annual tradition making the family applesauce. I will delightfully note the recipe copy I own {an email dated from 2005, yet a recipe multiple generations old and printed on creased/stained 11×17 paper for some unknown reason}, my mother marked  “Peel, core, and cut apples into medium chunks (No seriously, NO PEELS)”. She also wrote that I arrive promptly on Thursday morning to avoid her getting sauce-y on me… Love that woman (And yes confession: I tend to leave a little pizazz in my sauce // aka: peels. But just a micro-bit. Promise. Let’s just call it my secret touch). I love you mom!!

That being said, on this day of thanks. I  want to send out a hello and express my gratefulness for so many things in my little wonderful world:

  • My amazing husband, family, friends, health & happiness (Not limited to Glams/Grams/Fellow Gastro Geeks/ etc)
  • Good food and laughs…always, no matter what. Even if it’s over cooked, or just weird.
  • To those of you who swing by for a read occasionally…or often…or when I get around to posting (big xox)
  • And this Kuhn Rikon peeler, given to me by the most lovely Chef Crza, making the task at hand effortless. Even if it’s taken off the Mister’s finger a time or two….just sayin, yikes.

Have the most wonderful & blessed holiday weekend. Make sure to enjoy good company, great grub and most of all appreciate those tiny pleasures in life.


I’ll be posting photos throughout the weekend on Twitter or @thecuisinerd on Instagram. I know I’m excited to check out your turkey day posts as well!

Cheers and XOX’s (Muah)!!