I want to introduce you to someone special.

Please say hello to my dear Atwater Crossing Kitchen. I also want to warn you that I’m crushing mad style on this new friend of mine. I’ve had my eye on this place since it opened a few months back, but being the coy little lunch spot that it is, the hours of operation were only during mid-day work week madness. Curses! Recently hours have expanded to dinner and weekends and with great excitement and unconventional swiftness we’ve fallen madly in love…over flat bread and ice tea.

I tend to make first impressions based on ice tea. Don’t ask, it’s a silly thing. I think it says a lot about the place. Lipton out of the soda machine? No offense, but no thanks. It’s a lunchtime drink of choice for me and not only does ATX Kitchen have an entire shelf of pretty loose leaf canisters to pick from, they make it fresh to order. This is an act of kindness, It makes you feel special… It also tastes like a hug. I digress…

The space inside is what I like to call industro-deli. The wood fire oven is what I like to call handsome. I took a seat on the outdoor dining patio and got a thrill each time the train whizzed by. I realize that I live in a fairly urban neighborhood, heck I even can hear these locomotives hauling at 5:00 in the morning at times, but eating next to metro bullets and slow moving multicolored containers evokes some sort of strange romance. I felt transported out of my own neighborhood. It felt surprisingly relaxing. Are there hearts in my eyes?

Lovely breeze, sunshine, warm wood tables and benches…OH HELLO lamb flat bread with pomegranate and mint pesto. The goat cheese…the ever so important drizzle of Sriracha. Is the room spinning!?

Hook. Line. I’m sinking…fast.

This is a very very dangerous discovery. A possible heart breaking teen angst type of flat bread affair. What if this was a menu special and to never return!? I couldn’t bare. As much as I want to go back and give the other flat breads a try…No. I have eyes for no one else.

I have been dreaming of that combination, that beautiful crispy crust. Not to mention that sweet tartness of pomegranate and lamb. Sweet, sweet tart lamb ( I suppose it is not helping that I am on day three of a juice cleanse while writing this either…oh self discipline, you stink).

One things for certain. Lamb flat bread or not, I will be back…often. Cupid may have sniped me this time, but I have no doubt there are other treasures to discover on the breakfast and dinner menus. I can learn to be an equal opportunity flat bread lover (I’ll admit the prosciutto and rocket was also beyond). If you happen to stop in for lunch one day, you might just even see me working there on my laptop. Come say hello! We can cheers to great ice tea and the joys of food crushing.