If you haven’t already guessed, I’m not the type of gal to get all puffed up over a stuffed teddy bear or chalky candies. I’m also not the type of gal who believes in telling people once a year you love them (Come On! Every day peeps. Every. Day). Regardless, I do fancy Valentine’s Day. I’ve never minded stores prematurely stringing up foiled red hearts and carting out the flower arrangements. There is something delightful about it. Then again, I do not shy from sparkly decorations or flowers for that matter. Ever.

That being said, let’s turn this holiday on it’s head! Weather you want to spoil someone special or just need an excuse to treat yourself, fret not! Here are some unexpected Valentine’s day delights that will take you beyond the supermarket V-Day aisle of doom.

(1) Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter   (2) Ferm Living Spear Tray   (3) Lily Bird Soy Sauce Container   (4) Donna Wilson Use my beehive Tea Towel   (5) Salt Celler In Carrot   (6) Kuhn Rikon Peeler   (7) Terrain Red Striped Tablecloth   (8) KeepCup Reusable Cup   (9) Multifaceted Terracotta Herb Pot   (10) Donna Wilson Kaleidoscope Dinner Plate   (11) Gardener’s Gift Box with Elderflower   (12) Mixed Berry Teaspoon Set   (13) T2 Teatime Pot with Handle   (14) Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender   (15) Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron


A little shout out to Homefries: I recently was invited to guest on The Table Set’s Pod Cast to talk all things V-day. I may or may not have mentioned bourbon and glitter in the same sentence. There may or may not be a photo of me wearing a hair net…I digress. There will be talks of vintage valentines, lucha libre, shucking oysters…I am not making this up. Regardless of your relationship status The Table Set’s got you covered on nontraditional ideas to entertain, celebrate and survive February 14th. Come take a listen online or on iTunes!

Hey I want to know what your plans are too! Do tell.

XOXO With hearts in my eyes XOXO