I recently treated a special someone to a birthday stay-cation which kicked off with one tasty stay at home brunch. These Moroccan eggs are…unreal. I’m also starting to become quite obsessed with the idea of one pot wonders and am ready to further my inspiration with the latest addition to our cookbook collection. I mean, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to my tumultuous relationship with dish washing (no machine peeps, old school by hand style in this house), but that’s not the main reason why I’m converting to one pot dishes.

Okay. Maybe that’s one factor…but back to these eggs.

These eggs are something special and just because we’re nearing Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you need to be betrothed to treat someone you care about. These eggs are officially an equal opportunity, no relationship status updated needed surprise brunch for all those special people in your life:

1) Dynamite roommate? Thank them for picking up their dirty unmentionables with this and a mimosa.

2) Need your best buds to help you move at the end of the month? Bribe them with this and a mimosa.

3) Have you seen your sister/mother/etc recently? Shame on you. Surprise them with this and a mimosa.

4) Fill in the blank. Thank them for being good citizens with this…and a mimosa.

See? Everyone deserves a little thank you and there is absolutely no excuse when it’s this easy to whip up. Plus it tastes so incredibly time consuming. We’re talking big pats on the back type of deliciousness. No one has to know what a breeze this was to make…we’ll keep that detail between us…and the dish washer.

 Moroccan Egg Recipe can be found here.

While you’re at it. I think it’s time to get some fancy finger covers. No respectable cook goes shleping around hot items without a little hand pizazz. Just when I thought my claw-mits would never meet a suitable replacement… Hello Awesome! Nothing like bringing a little gangster into your galley. Designed by the oh so clever Stuart Gardiner, these tatted up macho manos can be found here.

All kinds of amazing, no? I think I need one of each.