I know what you’re thinking…hand juicers? Really? Yes. Little things matter people, hear me out.

The citrus juicer is one of my must have kitchen tools. An essential, if you will. I even have dreams of one day owning a professional grade stainless steel model or handsome vintage press which will be proudly clamped onto my dream kitchen counter. Yeah, I’m serious about getting out every little drop of juice. You should be too. Am I really the only one that uses one of these on a daily basis? Maybe so, maybe so…but at least I’m doing it in style.

(1) Orange Geometric Squeezer by Alessi    (2) Gnome Juicer Designed by Ange-line Tetrault   (3) Dr Bird Juicer by Imm Living  (4) Pandora Black Cocktail Squeezer   (5) Martha Stewart Teal Citrus Squeeze  (6) Cuisinox Stainless steel Juicer