Hey good lookin’… Maybe you’ve seen me around? Yeah…I’m pretty into you.

{swoon} I’ve been lucky enough to have Handsome Coffee Roasters in my life for a bit now. I live in a neighborhood where coffee culture has a strong, passionate, caffeine pounding heart and was first introduced at one of my favorite little spots Proof Bakery.  From that inaugural sip on there has been one well-dressed bag of beans showcased in our home coffee station. Yeah I said coffee station…the mister is hardcore.

No more Stumptown withdraws happening here in Southern California. I’m smitten and finally made my way downtown to see their dapper coffee bar in person. Good grief, it got me weak in the knees. The space is open and bright. It’s smiling (winking actually) waiting for you, holding up the perfect cold brew, asking for you and your laptop to hang out for a minute and take in the glory that is craft coffee making. On top of it, the baristas are incredibly friendly. Funny, actually… and willing to tell you what and why there is a meticulously rolled up paper towel with rubber band in with their coffee tools. This is  saying something, especially in a world full of intimidating and snooty coffee club-like stigmas.

Handsome Coffee Roasters you’re not just a pretty face…you’re magic.



Speaking of Handsome…can we take a minute to look at this branding? Drop dead gorgeous, right down to their little traveler van. Yup, they’ll even come to you for private events. They are kindhearted and studly like that.

Meee-ow fellas, so dashing. I’m crushing big time…You had me at Scout’s Honor. How did you know I love me an Eagle Scout? Sigh….


While we’re on the topic…Coffee of this quality deserves appropriate gear. Toss out your K-cups people and get down brewing with the best. Handsome indeed.

{1} Chemex Classic 8 Cup Brewer {2} Coava Coffee Kone Coffee Filter 
{center} Handsome Roasters Rutsiro Coffee
{3} Keep Cup Reusable Coffee To-Go  {4} Hario Buono Kettle