You best believe I took part in celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day this afternoon! Where this version isn’t as gooey as your more traditional cheese sammies, it is still worthy of your lunch time-ing. Dinner, even… It’s a stud like that. Roast up any veg you might have in the fridge, grill them up for some nice smokey flavor and pile high with goat cheese! Back on the BBQ for instant grill and meltage. Easy enough, right?

Wow and it’s delightful…I solute you magic sandwich! What kind of grilled cheese are you enjoying today?


Oh and hey! A sandwich this majestic needs a party hat…it’s his day after all. I know you’ve got some washi masking tape and toothpicks laying around your house – so why don’t you make that sammie extra snappy in under a minute. Party on peeps!

PS: If you’ve always dreamed of having your very own Grilled Cheese Truck, the popular mobile kitchen has a little prezzy for you today – download here!