Okay first off can we talk about this kitchen? Wrightson Stewart, hear me out… I am dizzy, passing out with hearts in my eyes. You get me! The wood table, those shell chairs…that pop of color fabric amazement happening over on that built in bench?! Eeeep! I have palpitations of dream house proportions.  I want to lay down in that room and never leave. It’s that good to me…please fly it over to the northern hemi for me at once.

Secondly, is it strange and worrisome that I have a crush on that Geisha Doll bento box? Because I’m coming clean,  I want to embrace my inner 7 year old Hello Kitty loving alter ego and start eating lunches only comprised of cutesy shaped rice, which may or may not resemble something out of Angry Birds. Side note: Do I need to point out that this really happened over the weekend…yeah, me = all kinds of squealing kawaiiiiiii through downtown Los Angeles. The Mister = covering his face in beet shades of horror.

Don’t judge, I have a weakness for such things in my older years. It’s just how I roll and I feel better about myself being publicly open about it.

Third…..whoa, whoa wait a second. Let’s cut to the chase. That very dream boat of a kitchen has inspired me to trek on a mad hunt for kaleidoscopic accessories. Drool-age…I am obsessed. It’s like a culinary circus! Blame it on longer days and summertime brain, but all I want is candy color and bold graphics in my home.

Instant happiness! Instant zip! Instant… gratification? Don’t mind if I do: click, click and hello 3 day delivery to me.

{Graphic Kitchen} Original Photo by Wrightson Stewart  {one} Alexander Girard Plate Set  {two} Kotobuki Geisha Doll Bento Set  {three} Houndstooth & Lattice Tea Towels by Avril Loreti  {four} Vintage Cathrineholm Norway Lotus Ware Bowl (also on eBay)  {five}  Ice Lolly Mugs by Pedlars  {six}  Marimekko Ruuturouva Oven Mitt  {seven} Scandinavian Tutti Fruitti Tray