Fact: If you visit Texas without eating proper BBQ…don’t bother visiting again. No really, it’s a felony. Okay, not really…but you probably already know this much – BBQ is life around those parts. Serious business people. BBQ POR VIDA on the real. Regardless of “I’m a better grill master thank you” arguments among neighbors, there is unanimous enthusiasm on where you should eat on your visit: SALT LICK. And yes, I completely agree…

Just a 45 minute drive outside of Austin is a town called Driftwood. Could a town have a better name? I think not! The streets are tree lined, heavy and green. The sky is the brightest shade of cobalt…and I am not even kidding you, there are people giving away puppies for free on what seemed like every corner. Talk about temptation…talk about magical.

You know what else was magical? The sampler platter. Where you can get a taste of everything and your brisket three ways.

Hit me with that crackle!

There is a lot to take in at Salt Lick. The grounds are gorgeous and you can’t help but have your pants charmed right off. Be it from the banjo band playing in the picnic area, or the young ladies fresh squeezing lemonade…oooor the fact that everyone is rolling up with wide grins, loose fitting stretchy pants and megga sized coolers stuffed with icy brews…face it, you will be charmed.

On your journey make sure to stop off the main highway for refreshments and cash before turning off onto the 1826. Salt Lick is cash only and BYOB. I recommend picking up Shinerbock. You will become fast friends with those around you if you’re packing a Texas brew. Let’s just say I am now besties with an 80 year old gentlemen with jokes for hours…and I’m a better person for it. It’s about gaining respect from the locals…Trust!

I’m not sure if Texas gets any better than the feeling of sitting at a picnic table, sipping a tasty beer with sticky sauce fingers. Oh wait, how about the feeling from the massive indoor meat pit action that happens right in front of your hungry BBQ eyes? It’s like a rock n roll concert blazing righteous guitar licks while spurting smoke, flames and sausage links for miles. No really, it’s impressive…I’m talking Fred Flintstone mammoth-sized ribs piled high, sizzling and slung onto plates at metal shredding speed.

Vegans, a kind warning: this place will melt your face off. Salt Lick might not be the rodeo for you.

For the rest of you…it’s all kinds of awesome. Come hungry.

With most trips, I like to recreate a bit of the experience back at home. I’ve got summertime BBQs on the noggin and I’m seriously considering stepping up my backyard game and adding some Salt Lick inspired essentials to my outdoor dining. I’ve got big ol’ design hearts in my eyes for these Bauer Pottery plates, a grown up and classy version of the melamine originals…I need them in every color. Giddyup indeed!

How awesome are our grillin’ parties about to get? Super awesome, that’s how. Now how about passing over that coleslaw, pardner?

   {1} Bauer Pottery Grill Plate  {2} Retro Picnic Cooler  {3} Gingham Tear-Off Napkins  {4} Plastic Fast Food Basket