Two Words: Ombre. Obsessed.

Be it pink gradated garments, submerged  sunnies or these trendy tresses. I am in absolute crush mode with fabulously fading pink hearts in my eyes.

Maybe I’m just holding a tight grip onto my Jem and the Holograms days, but I declare heck to the heck yes on this dip dye business. I even rushed out to the art supply store and bought 3 shades of hot pink pastels to temporarily ”chalk” my hair. Dear Diary Moment: I looked like Strawberry Shortcake and Bonnie Raitt’s love child for a hot minute, maybe I should have steered clear of my bangs…I digress.

In the name of all things doused in dye, I’m taking this trend from fashion to food and style serving up pink ombre somen noodles…BOOM!

Hello there pretty pasta.

How could we possibly ever eat bland noodles again? There is now a rock n roll laser light show happening in your bowl and a glam band may or may not be supplying the soundtrack. Unskinny Bop indeed!

Prep is a snap: Cook ‘em up, slightly pat dry, dip ends into fresh beat juice for 3-5 minutes and drape on a plate for a few minutes to set before serving. I suggest topping these lovelies with Momofuku’s Ginger Scallion Sauce (aka: quite possibly the world’s most versatile condiment). Trust, David Chang knows a thing or two.

Want to take this dip action one step further and straight into your kitchen? Be sure to check out these perfectly plunged wooden spoons and bowls by Wind & Willow Home. Holy Moly I’m in love!

Come on feel the noise and dip on friends, dip on…

 Photo Credit:
Top/ Charlotte Free for Forever 21
Bottom/ Wind & Willow Home
All Others & All Graphics/ The Cuisinerd