Oh Pantone…let me count the ways. No really, you’re everywhere. Especially in my house! I’ve got Pantone espresso cups, postcard notes, coffee mugs, an iphone case and of course my handy dandy go-to color chip pallets that I use on the daily. My word let’s not even confess the fever I have for your X-Ref color cross-referencing app. Swoon to the tune of #226 Magenta!

Whew. I’ve got Pantone-sized palpitations over here. Simmer down Lady-Cuisinerd, simmer down…

Now I realize that the latest beauty queen winner of the year, Tangerine Tango, has already debuted but after seeing two custom citrus cruisers on the freeway yesterday it seems the celebration is continuing full steam. I’m spotting glorious visions of tangerine shaped EVERYTHING these days. There is no denying that this is a color that will make you stand to attention. Aye-Aye!

Don’t you think your kitchen should be getting in on this action too? Yeah I thought so. Get ready to add a little colored zest into your life with my top ten Tangerine Tango inspired picks. Zing!

{one} Le Creuset 2 1/4 qt Saucier  {two} Anthropologie Kalama Corkscrew  {three} Big Chill Fridge  {four} House Industries Flour Sack Towels   {five} Vintage Soehnle Kitchen Scale  {six} Ladies & Gentlemen Superior Servers Spoon  {seven} Kitchen Aid Artisan Series 5 qt Mixer  {eight & nine} Heath Ceramics Seasonal Collection  {ten} Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso