I’ve got some serious home town and home state pride. Even though I’ve lived in California since I was a teenager, I still have some serious love for that mitten of a state I grew up in – Michigan. Heck, I am full of all kinds of Motor City sass and even root for the Tigers while not particularly caring for baseball (The game that is…. the hotdogs and garlic fries? Home run all the way, baby).

The fact is we all love to root for the cities that we either grew up in, have fond memories visiting, or just have big time googly eyes and want to move to one day. Me? Melbourne Fever. One way ticket to Awesometown, pleeeeaase.

No matter if you lived in Philly during college or Miami for a one hot summer, there are endless choices out there to show your locale pride.  Who doesn’t want to serve cheese on Chicago or take a sip outta Brooklyn? I do and I’ve only been there on vacation. I mean, can we have a moment of awe and high five FeLion’s American Skillet series up top?! WOW that is amazing…and gorgeous. I need a Rhode Island omelet pronto!

Where are you traveling to in your kitchen next?

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