I have quite the collection of tea towels…that I never use. I mean, I use them if you count hanging on the oven door for display as “use”. But for dish washing?! Heck no, get your saucy sticky paws off my tubular textiles. NOW!

I’m crazy. I know this.

I believe we should consider our kitchen textiles as accessories. Blasts of color, pattern and fun that we can change out at a moment’s notice. Oh, think of the combinations! I currently have a black and white megga pattern explosion happening with stripes, baroque and lime green poppy madness all layered on top of each other. It’s like a lucha pattern wrestling match and I love it.

You know what else I love? Ryan Gosling. Who doesn’t? That is a ridiculous question to ask any woman with a pulse. He’s irresistible….and let me tell you, I resisted for a VERY VERY LONG TIME (insert guilty shrug to husband here). Even if you’re not into tea towels, you’re going to want to buy that “Hey Girl” Gosling towel for yourself and every single one of your gals. Trust me on this one. It’s highly awesome. Hang it in your bathroom for all I care.

If Gosling ain’t your tub of fried chicken and you’re looking to create an entirely different mood in your kitchen – I’ve got you covered.  Whether your soufflé fell flat, you’re still weeping over the Game of Thrones hiatus or maybe things are dandy and the kitchen just needs a change of scene – it’s time to throw in the towel people…and It’s going to look might might fine!

I want to know about your favorite kitchen textile accessories – I’m ready to swap out the oven door gallery soontime…. like this weekend.

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Tea Towel by Dear Colleen / Donna Wilson Use My Tail Tea Towel / Leif Cityscape Tea Towel / Gorman And Castle Tea Towel Pack / Domestic Bliss Vintage Scanned Recipe Textiles by Julie Haslam / Nathalie Du Pasquier Table Napkin/ Red & White Wine Paring Guide Tea Towel Set Designed by Stuart Gardiner / Howkapow My Kitchen Is For Dancing Towel / Animal Tea Towel and Sewing ProjectBy I Love Retro (Fox & Lion) / Ferm Living Triangle (Multi) Tea Towel / Triangles Tea Towel by Leah Duncan / Fiesta Tea Towel by Shapes & Colors