You may have seen my recent Lamb Tagine recipe  and witnessed my firework like urgency for you to purchase some proper cookware to execute said dish. I will not apologize for my enthusiasm. Clearly I’m a big fan of slow cooking and boy you better believe I like to do it in style. Regardless of which trends you like poppin’ in your kitchen, I’ve got you covered with four categories of Moroccan cooking design. I’m having a really hard time deciding which new Tagine I’m going to bring home – what’s your favorite?! To one pot wonders – Hizza!

{classics} Zagora Cooking Tagine  //  Le Souk Ceramique Sabrine 12-Inch Tagine

{color block} Le Cuistot Enameled Cast Iron 12 Inch Tagine – Bright Orange Black Base //  Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Moroccan Tagine in Dijon //  Revol Tagine with Lime Green Lid 

{modern} Orka Silicone Tajine in Red  //  Mason Cash Tagine in Blue

{black & white} Black & White Stripe Tagine by Tivoli //  BergHOFF Auriga 12 in. White  filigree Tagine  // Large Black 31cm Nigella Lawson Flameware Tagine // Bastian Tagine in White


While shopping for your Tagine, please make note that there are both “serving” and “cooking” options out there. While the serving ones are extremely beautiful and usually more classic and hand painted, they are not intended for extreme heat.  I suppose that means we get to buy both types now doesn’t it?! Carry on!