Okay. Can we be real? There are times…lots of times… when you’re just plain staggered, starving and frozen pizza-less. Those nights when even the most culinary organized are exuhusted and looking for a tub of dolmas to nosh on instead of dinner. We’ve all been there. Now it’s just time to come clean…all ten fingers style.

Enter Kimchi…a jar of magic that will evoke endless wonders of dinnertime/ any mealtime bliss. Quickly.

Be it store bought.   Be it homemadeKimchi is your lazy dinner life raft. Truth.

Got a grip of mixed veg that needs to be used up in your fridge? Perfection.

Have a stash of soba noodles or rice? Righto!

I have no real solid recipe for you today. I only have honesty and guidance. I’m transparent like that.

Here’s what you do: Put kimchi in blender, turn to paste. Toss with any/every vegetables hiding in your fridge and saute. Top over rice or soba noodles and you’ve got yourself a zippy meal and one cleaned out fridge.

Win Win! Now, onward warrior…