It’s been HOT in these parts for far too long. Working from home with no Air-Con has proved…delirious. I’ve been seeking refuge in coffee shops, libraries….and mint. It’s funny how this mighty herb can trick you into feeling a few degrees cooler. I’ve been on an infusion roll, stuffing handfuls of the green machine into water with cucumbers and my latest obsession: Peach Ice Tea.

Summer hold me just a little longer! Wait…you can hold me, but can we make it an even 80 degrees? This 97 business is wilting me something fierce.

I know infusing tea with mint isn’t ground breaking, but it was a revelation of taste for me these past few days. Using herbs in their pure form and making life a little more enjoyable. Simple pleasures people, stop scrolling through your instagram feed and take a moment of good old fashioned time out.

Speaking of time outs and unplugging – let’s throw a patio ice tea party for one (or ten)! Come find me…I’ll be out back.


{top}  Rishi Peach Blossom Organic White Tea Blend // mint sprigs // Wreck Juice Jar From Terrain

{middle} Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker  // Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker

{bottom} Coral Stripe Solera Collection by Target // Bunny Lounge Chair by Bend // Cowhide Rug by Handmade Brazi  //  Willo Collection Planter by Libel Design