I was scrolling through my Instagram the other day (when am I not) and I came across the most magnificent sight on my bloggy boo Chocomeat’s feed. I’m talking about one of those “stop your picture scrolling-send out the carrier pigeon-where are you-are those what I think they are-shortness of breath” kind of moments.

I know… Keep your cool, girl.

Geesh… how can I when there are limited edition Andy Warhol Tomato Soup Cans available in Target RIGHT NOW?!?!  Four color variations at only 75 cents a pop. {hits floor} Let’s just say I zipped over and grabbed 12 cans of my own. I’m also currently plotting a tomato can art installation on one of my kitchen shelves…I know what you’re thinking and you don’t have to point out the obvious: I’m The Cuisinerd for a reason.

So hush, you.

As it turns out it’s the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s iconic 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans and party timing celebration is taking place over at The Art Of Soup allllll September long. As a devoted die-line geek, this is obviously magical (happy early birthday to ME). I give a swift and loving high five to anyone who wants to spend an entire month celebrating product design (regardless of it’s historical and museum worthy status – which makes this case a little – a lot more – special).

I especially give you, Mr. Campbell, a big ol’ binary hug for delivering iconic design to the masses on the cheap.

Bravo! Pass that hug over to your pr team for me, wont’cha?

 Clearly all this pop art goodness got me giddy in the housewares department. I picked out a few museum-worthy kitchen kitsch items that I’m crushing on right now. Can you say Andy Warhol Banana Splits?!?! Yes, Heavy on the toppings please! Can we please address this technicolor DIY pop art cupboard action by Johnathan Fong? That is some serious business! In love. Everything. All the above.

Pop Art Is INDEED for everyone…thank you Mr. Warhol! Now let’s get our shop on…

 {one} pink dish detergent bottle vase  {two} Pop Art Wooden Spoon Salad Set   {three} Crushed Glass Set by Rob Brandt  {four} Colorful Cutting Boards by Little Studio   {five} Andy Warhol Banana Split Bowls  {six} Marimekko Mummolan Marjat Paper Napkins

Wait! There’s more!

For those of you who are true DIY-hards (ooooor maybe you snoozed and didn’t grip soup cans from your local Target) there’s hope! The talented Katie Day created a swoon worthy (and FREE) downloadable soup label kit which allows you to create your own Andy Warhol toy cans. Adorable!! Think of all the soup can pyramids you could be making…all the black beans and artichoke hearts that will be getting a makeover….I kid. Kind of.

Regardless if you have children or not – these labels don’t have to be toys. In fact this Craftee Girl told me her plans on making the cans into flower vases. Genius! Pop art brings out the playfulness in everyone. So  get your download on over here  and thank her for sharing the love!


 So tell me which Campbell’s Tomato Soup can are you planing on grabbing up? All four is a totally acceptable answer…as is the honesty and self awareness that you have no plans on eating any of that soup. I won’t tell…heck I’m with you!