I’m a pants kind of gal. There, I said it.

I’m also really into this whole printed denim craze that’s taking over autumn. Leopard Print! Polka dots! Flooooooraaaaaals!!! Now, I know myself too well to get attached to such fleeting moments in fashion, so I pick trendy items with caution. Like test drive a pair from target that only cost me $20 kind of caution.

Less guilt that way when 3 months from now they are hiding in the back of my closet getting dusty.

FLORAL FRENZY! I’m obsessed. So much so, that I decided to pay homage with popsicles…..made of wine. Rosé and Pinot Gris to be exact. Complete with a celebratory confetti cannon of lavender, edible flowers and lemon thyme…Which is absolutely ridiculous and a bit over the top (not to mention completely awkward to eat), but it’s literally 102 degrees outside right now and I’m harnessing the delirium.

Besides – what’s style without a little bit of accessorized glitz? Boring. That’s what.

Now let’s freeze these herbaceous hotties and high five the lingering summer weather.

Blooms are all over and I’m fueling my botanical passion with petal picks for your kitchen and tabletop. Go On! Create your own bouquet at home… and yes I’m suggesting you double purpose those Ban.do pom pom flowers as napkin flair…because once you sit down you get to accessorize yourself with them. Right? Absolutely right. From trend…to treat…to the table — here we go!

{one} Ban.do Pom Pom Flowers //  {two} Flowerpop Mug in green by Linda Ketelhut  // Covo Venie Tea Holder  // {four}  Girl in Flowers Tea Towel  // {five} Orange Floral Serving Tray  //  {six} Diane Von Furstenberg Batik Collection  //  {seven} Vintage Orange & Blue Floral Napkins  //  {eight} Flower Print Garden Pruner  //  {nine}  Terrain Harvest Wreath  //  {ten}  Felt Flower Coasters by Decoy Lab
So….Which blooms are you picking!? I kinda want them all…
And floral denim…are you on board or are you letting the train pass by?