I’ve been inspired lately.

So inspired that I’ve been going out into the real world to meet real deal people…and by people I mean the ones that I only really “spoke to” on the interwebz.

I know…I didn’t want to take off my slippers either (let alone put on real pants).

But this is something we need to be doing to keep our independent hustle going towards becoming the best blogger, designer, freelancer or inventor XYZ that we’re aiming to be. Where business plans, contacts and pitches can all bloom from the comfort of our own homes – there are times when you need to step out of your comfort zone, shake someone’s hand and well… take things to the next level.

You know what else we need to do? Continue to learn.

I’ll be honest. Things are always changing in the digital space and I don’t always know the right thing I should be doing. To tweet? To not tweet? To re-post that awesome blog link 10 times that day or just hope your rabid fans come back for more? Wait…do I need a sandwich board to stand on the street corner with or just figure out a better ad network for my brand?!


Let’s face it…we all need some level of guidance. Enter the inspiration generating mega machine: Alt Design Summit.

You may remember the community high I was on when I returned from ALT last year and let me tell you four months couldn’t pass fast enough to attend the next one. Luckily for us, inspiration lives beyond conferences. It lives in the form of online classes tackling how to grow your audience, how to figure out analytics and even how to put together that media kit we’ve been avoiding.

Oh wait, is that just me? Oopsie.

ALT has even launched a new blog with weekly tips and interviews which are sure to inspire you year round….and on the free. I’ve been enjoying posts such as How to Manage an Effective Online Life because quite frankly…we need to be balancing that a little bit better, don’t we? You know that thing called fresh air…why don’t you step out of your office and soak some in right now with me. You hear that internet!? We’re going OUTSIDE!

So now it’s your turn! For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog for yourself! I promise you’ll be finding inspiration to take out into the real world pronto.

Ready? Set…Hustle!

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