I’ve got a thing for my kitchen…we’re in a relationship, actually. She treats me well and I like to shower her with gifts to show my appreciation. I also rent a house and let’s just say this 1940s darling is charming, but girl’s gotta get a design update up in this place! Holler at me tiny galley!

When you can’t demo – you make magic with tea towels, colorful accessories and repeat this beauty routine as much as you need to. You know, just to get you through that upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner and what not.

As we near the holiday rush and rev up cooking actions to a full tilt boogie, I want to show my hard working and petite cucina that I really do love her. That I notice, despite the oven’s lack of internal real estate, it is still powerful…and of even temper(ature). That I admire, despite the counter-less space, that she boasts some seriously deep cupboards. And for me? Well I like a bit of accessorizing myself, so that cutie little metallic heart clutch is for me and the rest we will enjoy together.

Kitchen, you are a quirky broad…but I love you. Forever yours…until I move out.

{top} Metallic Heart Clutch By Ban.do //  {one} Geometric Heart Tea Towel By Sarah&Yvette  //  {two} Vintage Kronjyden Nissen Stoneware  //  {three} Heart Warmer Hot Water Bottle By The Spoon Sisters  //  {four} Heart Tray Designed By Graziela Preiser  //  {five} Vintage Czech Creamer With Folk Couple  //     {six} Heart Shaped Bamboo Spoon  // {seven} Heart Shaped Fondue Pot  //  {eight} Tiny Heart Teapot

Who says hearts should be saved for Valentine’s Day? Let’s fall in love together!