I know, I know – it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and we’ve already been tapping our feet to jingle bells since we first stepped into line pre-ordering our turkeys. Here’s something I’ve learned this year: Just embrace it. There is no slowing down the party train that is Christmas. It’s coming…and It’s coming full steam powered by peppermint sticks and evergreen scented smoke.

And boy, it is in a hurry.

Every year the holidays seem to get sneakier. Faster. They are knocking on our front door before the proper amount of sugar cookies are baked or any ‘nog is poured. This year, I refuse to be taken off guard and I will do this by simplifying my to-do list. I will create extra minutes to enjoy a warm cider seated with loved ones…annnnd maybeee a few late nights stalking a black Friday internet sale or two (who doesn’t deserve a pair of sparkly booties at a discount).

I digress…

Let’s talk about one of the easiest ways to plan ahead and make your holiday smoother while still paying attention to  design. Whether you want to send out your latest pet-turned-santa/elf photos, invite your besties to a night of frocks and cocktails, or just let your loved ones know they mean more to you than all those animated gifs you’ve been posting…everywhere.

HERE YE, HERE YE: Real deal snail mail is the way to go! Nothing feels better on this internet-crazed planet than receiving something other than bills, coupons or that Orvis Trout fishing catalog…wait, how did I get on that mailing list?! No, Seriously.

Above: {one} Holiday Haven Christmas Card Designed by  Angela Marzuki / {two} Magie de Noel Holiday Card Designed by Cecile Paper Lounge / {three}  Isaiah 9:6 Christmas Card Designed by Smudge Design

Minted has revived the joy of mail-sending by making things less stressful, fantastically designed and customizable at an affordable price. No seriously, I’ve been waving my hands in the air fan-girl-graphic-groupie style for some time now and yes, really… their designs are as cute as a hedgehog. Let’s make something else clear: you (as well as I) will still be able to smuggle those sparkle boots under the tree for ourselves after ordering a few card sets.

Major side note: Swoon-city. Look at these beauties!

Above: {one} Chalkboard Holiday Card Designed by  Alethea and Ruth / {two} Vintage Typography Poster Christmas Card Designed by Andres Montaño / {three} Year in a Nutshell Holiday Card Designed by Spotted Whale Design

No breaking news here, I clearly salivate when proper graphic design/typography get tangled in my cross hair. As a designer and appreciator of the craft, these holiday cards definitely get my big jazz hand stomp dance stamp of approval. More importantly, I’m relieved by eliminating tasks so I can shave off a little extra time and stress by eliminating  sorting through the impossible under florescent-lit store stationary aisles  or succumbing to the pressure of designing my own holiday cheer.

Yes we are multi-taskers, yes we are capable of the D to the I.Y — but this year? Maybe we give ourselves a break and an extra moment of enjoyment to just breathe in what the season is really about.

Whew. I feel lighter already….

Above: {one} Glitter Bling Party Decor Designed by Carrie Oneal / {two} Holiday Table Centerpieces Designed by  Jody Wody / {three} Happy Santa personalized Table Cards Designed by Bob Daly / {four} Holiday Wine Glass Tags Designed by  b.wise papers

For most of us, the holidays don’t stop when the stamp hits the envelope — there are usually a few seasonal soirees…or ten. I think you and I might even be hosting a good handful of those. WAIT! We don’t have time for this!!! HELP! HEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!! Insert panic cry here: Hide those frozen TJ’s appetizer bites, turn off all the lights and pray no one shows up.

I kid. But not really. They are still coming over…

Good news! Minted also sells adorable party decor. I had no idea…and as much as I’d like to make a few custom wine glass tags and deck the halls with major do-it-my-way-design…let’s be realistic for a minute. Sometimes we need help. Sometimes maybe like today, I spent 4 hours elbow deep in discounted drama at my local Home Goods and most all of my entertaining needs are still not solved.

I’ll take these cutesy party kits on rush order and be relived with the extra time I can now put back into making an actual menu from scratch.

Whew….I think the winter holidays are officially the Jenga of all seasons. It’s all about balance, right?

Ready to simplify your season? Check out more holiday cards & party decor over at Minted.com


**This post is sponsored by Minted LLC, but the opinions are truly my own (I <3 them big time)