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This is it people! You’re either dipping your turkey into the brine spa, making that last minute dash to the market because you’ve forgotten something painfully obvious…or you’re scratching your head wondering how to make your table look a little extra special in this 11th hour.

Trust me- I’m right here with you (insert me waving in panic).

This year marks my first ever Thanksgiving hostess duty and boy I feel the pressure. Perhaps I was a little adventurous to tackle “Thanksgiving Deconstructed”,  completely dismiss the idea of a turkey and break down the best flavors of the holidays into passed small bites. Perhaps I am crazy. Perhaps it just makes sense due to my overall lack of kitchen and oven space.

One thing is certain – my table is getting dressed up pretty.

A good looking table isn’t as difficult tot tackle as one might think. All you need is a little glitz, a little green thumb and a whole bunch of… just go for it. After a mad dash sale-sifting at West Elm for some posh place settings,  a wild turkey u-turn to snag some fresh autumnal florals and a quick yet mega glam DIY treatment to some craft wood slabs, I’ve got a perfectly modern pretty little table scape and just might have a little extra time to…errrr… wait a minute…I forgot… the candles!!!??

Excuse me, I’ve got a quick cage match at Pier One I need to attend to….HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!