The heat is on! And by heat I don’t mean your gourd-roasting oven that’s a’blazin…I’m taking about the holiday peak season giving you those “neener neener” eye balls from around the corner. They are gazing, no taunting you with endless festivities in need of frolic worthy finger foods… Pressure much?

Let’s face it – December can be an intimidating month as a host. Where I’d secretly like to fend guests off with those Trader Joe’s caramelized onion and feta pastry bites (read: addictive / note: do not try them / result: you’ll be sorry / no really: you will eat all 12 by yourself), I just can’t  spread my fa la la la laaaaaa with plastic tray frozen nuggets. I love these people, they deserve more and I’m obviously punishing myself.

So in the spirit of seasonal soirées, I want to share some easy small bite success stories over the next few weeks. It’s been quite the year so let’s take on this holiday heifer like a champ. Consider this your festive file catalog – I’ll even let you take allll the credit.

We’re friends like that.

First up….Chorizo & Tortilla Chip Tex-Mex Stuffing Balls.

This Thanksgiving we veered from the traditional at our house…And by “veered” I mean we plunged our turkey truck over a cliff and rose from the dust plume with a  4 course small plate break down of the season’s most nostalgic flavors. We also said pfffftt to nostalgia and made things unusual with chorizo tortilla chip stuffing bites…and then we slathered them with my fool proof tomatillo salsa.


When I first saw this recipe I feel into a deep Tex Mex love affair and made it a personal goal to incorporate it into our menu. Where herb lemon Cornish game hens and sherry roasted carrots don’t exactly beg to mingle with pasilla chilies or cilantro…we solved all plate awkwardness by deciding to miniaturize the concept into tiny stuffing ball appetizers. All you need is a 2-ish inch food ring and you’ll be transforming side dish stuffing into a hand held fiesta in no time.

Trust me on this one- I spotted my mother sneaking and extra one while hiding over the kitchen sink…twice.

Muy bueno indeed…


What kind of small bites are you keeping in your back pocket!?